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Your one stop shop for corrective skin treatments, natural waxing, v-steams, and more!

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Who We Are

Glam Empire Studio is a corrective spa specializing in multi-cultural skin treatments located in Cockeysville Maryland. We specialize in treating Acne & Hyperpigmentation along with education for the proper products to use to treat the skin. We offer natural waxing services, vaginal steaming, corrective facials, body treatments, massage therapy and advanced treatments like microneedling & chemical peels. Our goal is to educate clients, provide quality service, and promote relaxation. Packages that include products are available!


Meet The Team

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Licensed Esthetician

Owner of Glam Empire Studio &

Licensed since 2018. Specializes in corrective skin treatments. Performs waxing quickly and virtually painless.



Licensed Esthetician

Licensed since 2020. Specializes in corrective skin treatments. Does amazing lash extensions & performs waxing quickly & virtually painless



Licensed Esthetician

Licensed since 2019. Specializes in corrective skin treatments. Does amazing lash extensions, nail treatments & performs waxing quickly & virtually painless

Soap and Herbs

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Vaginal Steaming is the holistic practice of using the warmth of gentle herbal steam to permeate the exterior of the vagina.

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Glam Empire Studio provides quick waxing services that are virtually painless.

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Microneedling is a procedure where very fine needles puncture the skin to various depths to cause a controlled injury and inducing the skin to make more collagen resulting in clearer complexion



Classes & Courses

We offer cold process soap making classes in Georgia and Maryland. 

Please check our booking site to stay updated on the upcoming Classes.

We also offer educational resources for estheticians. Check the estheticians training tab and our online booking tab for training with Jamilah. 

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