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Welcome to Glam Empire Studio LLC, where beauty meets expertise. Our licensed esthetician Jamilah, is here to provide you with personalized virtual consultations. Take our skincare quiz to discover how to heal your acne or dark marks. We are currently offering pop-up skin treatments exclusively in Baltimore Maryland. Explore our collection of skincare business ebooks for valuable insights and tips.

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Meet The Esthetician


Meet Jamilah, the accomplished proprietor of Glam Empire Studio. Since obtaining her professional license in 2018, she has been dedicated to the world of skincare and education. Jamilah specializes in delivering transformative corrective skin treatments with a focus on acne and hyperpigmentation, particularly tailored for people of color, yielding consistently outstanding results.

Renowned for her expertise, Jamilah is adept at providing efficient waxing services with minimal discomfort.

Beyond her hands-on services, Jamilah has transitioned into a new chapter, focusing on sharing her wealth of knowledge through e-books. These digital resources not only showcase the finest vendors for her skincare line but also offer comprehensive guidance on initiating your own skincare venture.

Having conducted enlightening cold process soap making classes in both Maryland and Georgia, Jamilah is passionate about empowering others with the skills and insights needed to succeed in the world of skincare.


Licensed Esthetician

Classes & Courses

We offer cold process soap making classes in Georgia and Maryland. 

Please check our booking site to stay updated on the upcoming Classes.

We also offer educational resources for estheticians and skincare lovers. Check out the  e-book tab.

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